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Slow Down Dementia: Keep Your Seniors Mind Active


Dementia can impact everyone surrounding the patient. Maintaining the sharpness of the mind is a good exercise for them to prevent the fast take-over of dementia. There are a lot of cognitive activities for them to do.

We cannot prevent boredom since it is inevitable for seniors. Despite having company, doing nothing can take a toll on their mood and cognitive skills. However, don’t let negativity, boredom, and burnout rule over their minds. Let them have a good time by engaging them in fun activities.

OASIS Homecare Services is a provider of home care services in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. We offer care services, and one of them is dementia care. The following activities can keep them occupied, entertained, and mentally active. Here are five pastimes your elder loved ones will love:

  • Group reading, book review, and storytelling won’t hurt at a past time. It is also a great bonding, being able to get to know the different insights of the participants.
  • Simple baking and cooking activities. Hitting two birds with one stone: they got to read and apply what they are reading.
  • Sorting activities is helpful for memory care and exercise their fine motor skills. It is also a little walk down memory lane for them.

Make good use of the advantage of still being with your elderly loved ones. Take respite care– we know how essential respite can be.

You can also seek our help with these activities when time cannot permit you to visit them. We have caregivers in New Jersey to accompany and care for them on your behalf.

If you are looking for home healthcare services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Discover more on how we can help you here on our website.

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