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How Can We Determine Whether a Person Needs Home Care?


Self-care is essential to every person. Taking care of ourselves is the best way of staying healthy and safeguarding our well-being at the same time. Although personal care is important, some people struggle when it comes to this. This is the dilemma of most patients. Some of them even require home care in New Jersey just to achieve this.

It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with asking for help from others. This holds even if it means getting assistance when it comes to personal care. Fortunately, caregivers in New Jersey are more than willing to serve whoever needs their services.

Despite their obvious need for home care services in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, some people refuse to get help from others. The biggest reason behind it is they don’t want to have limited privacy and independence. If you have loved ones who are reluctant about taking advantage of home care, convince them to choose what is best for their health and safety.

Be cautious of these telltale signs that a person needs home care:

  • Mobility problems
    The difficulty with physical functions could lead to accidents.
  • Lack of self-care
    Poor hygiene is clear evidence that a person couldn’t properly take care of himself/herself.
  • Severe mood swings
    Extreme emotions can put the mental and emotional health of a person at risk.
  • Struggle with nutrition management
    Weight gain or weight loss could indicate that a person is having struggles with his/her diet.

If you’ve noticed these signs in your loved ones, don’t hesitate to refer them to us!

OASIS Homecare Services offers quality home care, respite care, and other healthcare services.

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